Welcome “reZist” to the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo.



REZIST is a unique workout that combines 20 dumbbell movements performed for 1 minute with only 20 seconds of rest between each movement. To perform the workout all you need is two pairs of dumbbells and an exercise mat. The right amount of weight will depend on your body weight, strength and endurance.

To get started, here are some general guidelines: We recommend hex dumbbells for greater stability when placed on floor. Women typically will need 8-10 lbs for heavy moves and 3-5 lbs for moderate moves. Guys typically will need 10-12 lbs for heavy moves and 5-8 lbs for moderate moves. This is only an estimate so gauge your own strength and ability accordingly. Gino will not only show you the moves, but will also personally sweat with you from start to finish!



REZIST was created for all of you who feel you have to choose between cardiovascular exercise and resistance training because you are far too busy for both. We know we need cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and strengthen our hearts and we need resistance training for strong muscles and bones. Most workout DVDs today focus on either cardiovascular or resistance training. REZIST targets both.

In one workout REZIST gives you the cardio burn and at the same time stimulates your muscles into growth and shape. REZIST, a unique 35-minute workout, will engage every muscle and joint while burning fat and calories through its constant succession of timed exercises. Each exercise is carefully constructed and sequenced to combine upper body and lower body movements, giving you both a muscular and cardiovascular burn. Can you REZIST?



  • ∙ Instructional video where Gino describes and demonstrates every movement
  • ∙ Full workout video with built-in on screen timer
  • ∙ Food Plan and Grocery List